About Deshawn White

Once called "the King of East Tennessee" by his fans, Deshawn White has continually developed as an artist, making himself a respected MC. Deshawn was born in Johnson City, Tennessee. As an artist, he carries a balance of being a political activist and beacon of hope in his attempt to unify America.


In 2007 White released ‘My Story’, this was his first studio album. Locally the album was very successful and helped take him to the next level. Opening for all the major artists who visited the area, his popularity grew quickly, and he landed a single on the radio. His production team, Full Grind, also spent some time on the road with Cash Money Records by way of Green Green. Later in his career, his perfectionism got the best of him. He was unable to release a follow-up studio album due to over analyzing his material. White missed out on a lot of opportunities during his drought. Some would say he slowly lost his relevance as an artist.


One notable event occurred in February of 2012 when Deshawn was arrested on drug charges. Though the charges didn’t stick, this was a wake-up call for him. White would later leave the music industry to “find himself”. He got involved in a local church and turned his life around. Back in the studio, White released a few songs that aren’t notable. It wasn’t until 2015 when he released Before the Ceiling Falls that his fans were reminded of his relevance as an artist. Though the album fell short of its expectations due to a lack of promotion, it still sold fairly well on iTunes and other music platforms.


On Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 Deshawn White publicly announced via Facebook that he would officially be returning to claim his spot in the music industry. One thing is for sure, White has completely rebranded himself and found his identity as an artist. Deshawn released his highly anticipated EP 'Power Trip' on April 23rd, 2019. It has six tracks of the East Tennesse artist showcasing himself as a political and prophetic voice. With some very thought-provoking content, it's sure to cause some controversy. White released the EP's singles ‘Power Trippin’ and 'Dance Party' on Wednesday, November 14th, 2018. Though the singles are very moderate in their content, don't let them fool you. The 'Power Trip' Ep as a whole embodies a very powerful message of unity, racial reconciliation, and hope for all people.