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Musician Deshawn White Takes “Control” of Pop Music With Tribute Song For Spider-Man: No Way Home

Artist and Producer Deshawn White possesses a natural talent in the musical world. Known for his hard-hitting and inspirational hip-hop music, White switches lanes and gets aquatinted with the Pop Genre. Having immense musical experience, Deshawn White was well-equipped to cross over and create what could be his most significant record to date.

With the release of the single “Control” (a tribute song written for Spider-Man: No Way Home), the artist hopes to leave an everlasting impression on the hearts of Spider-Man and Pop music fans around the world. Deshawn has been around the music world for many years. He got a crash course on being an artist by being behind the scenes with Cash Money Records during ‘Lil Wayne’s Americas Most Wanted Tour. So it’s no surprise that he can cross genres so seamlessly. “Control” is a high-energy song that captives the listeners with a heavy-hitting chorus. An attention-keeping verse follows it, and then it goes back to the chorus. Of course, Deshawn made room for his first love, hip-hop. The artist brings in the second verse with a power rap detailing a struggle between the light and darkness that harnesses that web-shooting superhero.

The song is produced by Deshawn White and J Stone of the Atlanta Record Factory. White also brought in mix engineer, and producer Alex Ryan and the rest is history. The single is an impressive track, composed, written, and recorded by some very talented musicians. “Control” is all set to saturate that Pop music world, so hold on to your popcorn and enjoy the show.

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